Sunday, 14 October 2018

Future Expo

Last Thursday, students from Y7/8/9 from all 10 schools in our 'Community of Learning' got the opportunity to explore future pathways as Massey High School. It was a different experience for most of our students; life beyond school seems so far away.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Vagana Samoa

Students in rm26 enjoy reading to our younger friends.

This week has been Vagana Samoa Week (Samoan language Week).
We had a great Friday learning a little about the Samoan culture. Including, trying Koko Laisa and dancing a siva.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Term 2 - Week 1 and 2 update

Kia ora Everyone,

Welcome back to another packed term :)

Technology: our focus in technology is STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths). Last week and this week the students are designing and then creating their own wind or water turbine. I don't even know how to do this!!! They are excited and really keen to start the making.

Inquiry: Our inquiries this term are supporting technology. We're starting with Science and learning about 'Forces'. On Monday we had a 'Fabulous Fun Forces Day' (try and say that one 5 times fast!). We rolled down hills, made kites, rode scooters and challenged in tug'o'war. All the learning related to forces and the other factors that affect forces e.g. water resistance, air resistance, unbalanced forces, friction. It was a fun day. We are also learning a basic scientific method of inquiry - see below:

Please talk to your child about what they are learning. Ask them about the boats, parachutes and spinners they've investigated with.

Maths: For Maths, we are learning about Measurement this term. Specifically over the last 2 weeks units of measurement such as cm, m, ml, L, g, Celsius, km/hr, mins, sec. We've practised using them to measure different things and converted between some of them. This was the hardest part for a lot of us. If you go shopping ask your child how many ml are in the bottle of milk, or how if each serving is 10g how many servings you could get out of the packet of soup/biscuits etc. Nutritional labeling on the back of food have a wealth of Maths to be explored.

Reading: linked to science and focused this week on summarising by finding keywords in a text and note-taking.

Writing: is focused on writing a good 'explanation' this will help us when we need to explain how our turbines work.

- $10 activity fee (technology resources)
- There was no homework last week...but there is this week, it was given out last Friday and is due this Friday.
- Please if I didn't see you for a student goal-setting meeting end of last term, email me to make an appointment.

Activity week

Rm 26 had so much fun during Activity Week. The focus, persistence and teamwork I saw during the week made me very proud.

Future Expo

Last Thursday, students from Y7/8/9 from all 10 schools in our 'Community of Learning' got the opportunity to explore future pathw...